creatures of the night

Since I arrived in Florence, I’ve been working with an American painter and performance artist who lives in the city. Friday night, we attended a vampire themed party hosted in his beautiful studio which has an incredible location right near the Uffizi museum. The invitation called for all black attire and vampire teeth.

DSC_6621 copy

Of course, we had to have a little drink before heading out to the party. My roommate Luca offered me a sip of absinthe, which I’ve never tried. It was so strong but super delicious, it tasted like black liquorice. The four of us shared a roomie shot of tequila (my drink of choice) before taking off. Meet Luca and Ziba –

DSC_6620 copy

As we were walking to the party, Peppe kept saying he felt strange wearing only black. He works in a bank, is pursuing an economics degree and let’s just say, he doesn’t have too much experience with us “artist types”. I honestly didn’t know what to expect either, but I assured him because it’s a party of artists, there would probably be people there sporting full face make up and costumes –  we weren’t let down!

DSC_6654 copy

A table in Giovanni’s painting studio was set up with costume make up and as soon as we got there, guests had already started getting a little freaky. I tried leaving in my vampire teeth but they made it pretty much impossible to speak clearly or take drinks, so they ended up being mostly just for pictures.

DSC_6657 copy

Giovanni’s costume definitely took the cake, keeping a cape on in 80 degree weather is a feat and he had garlic strung around his next but as far as my knowledge goes, vampires hate garlic. I asked him about it and he claimed to be strong, it was a show of his ultimate vampire power.

DSC_6631 copy

DSC_6636 copy

There were boxes of wine, which I automatically associate to college parties with Franzia and slap the bag – but Peppe explained that it was in a box because a farmer made it, assuring it was actually fancy and fresh.

DSC_6667 copy

By 10:30, the party was in full swing. Plenty of introductions and interesting people, plenty of drinks and snacks to go around. There was a huge range of people, young and old speaking different languages and from all over the world.


One of my favorite people I met was an Italian man named Flask who noticed the lens on my camera was old, a film lens. So we had a really great conversation about photography and how the only way to really make money in the industry is to work in a very commercially prescribed way.

DSC_6653 copy

Peppe made a comment about how different the atmosphere of an art party is. To him, a boss’ party would be men in suits talking about making investments. He said his favorite part of the night was “The air, the artistic waves in the air. For me it’s a new experience.”

DSC_6695 copy

For me, it’s tradition to take mirror selfies in bathrooms at parties once we are feeling good and tipsy.

DSC_6688 copy

Not many people were dancing, so me and the studio manager, Anna wanted to break the ice. She’s from Colorado and is studying here in Florence. We hung out with her and her friend Luigi for most of the night.  Shortly after, a few more people filtered into the dance floor. I love dancing and if music is on, I can’t help but shake it just a little. Creds to Peppe for this blurry dancing photo.

DSC_6691 copyAfter maybe one too many shots of tequila, we headed for home and I was desperate to prove to myself I wasn’t too drunk to take pictures.

This was definitely an ideal way to celebrate my first full week in Florence. It feels great to be making so many connections and it already feels like I have a place here.  I am definitely missing all of my friends from Ann Arbor – nobody parties like they do. Coming from an art school, this event really hit home for me and sort of opened a whole new world for Peppe.

DSC_6714 copy


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