Florence from the hip

DSC_7015 copyMy preferred method of photography is with film because I love the unexpected results, the happy accidents. Since I’ve been using mostly digital for my trip here, I wanted to challenge myself to bring some of the unknown into this very calculated medium. Here are few pictures from my walks around town shooting from the hip – where I take the photo without looking through the viewfinder or monitor. Some were grossly over exposed and out of focus, but overall, the technique has definitely delivered some off-kilter compositions and lots of imperfection. YAY

DSC_6995 copy

It’s also much easier catch subjects off guard, especially when carrying such a huge, obvious camera.

DSC_6994 copy


DSC_7025 copy

DSC_7022 copy

DSC_6997 copy

DSC_7026 copy

DSC_7018 copy


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