for the love of steak

DSC_7248 copyThe first dinner me and my best friend/roommate, Nikki, shared in Florence over the summer was at a little restaurant on Via de’ Neri called La Fettunta. After searching around for cheap food, we stumbled upon this place, attracted to the hand written menu and warm atmosphere. We learned they changed the menu often to reflect the freshest ingredients, the prices were right, and the food was delicious. Through all of my time in the city, La Fettunta has definitely stuck out.

DSC_7240 copy

It’s a small place, so the wait is sometimes long, but definitely worth it.  We sipped a glass of red wine in anticipation of the meal and I couldn’t resist this shot. Lipstick is probably my favorite thing in the whole world and makes it so I never have to wonder which glass is mine.

DSC_7252 copy

When Peppe took us here the first time, he insisted on ordering la bistecca alla fiorentina. I’ll say it again and many times over, meat freaks me out. Weird animals and undercooked things are a huge turn off – so when he described this steak as bloody, practically raw in the middle, I was extremely hesitant. It’s one of those situations where if I look or think too hard, I psych myself out. As a special of Florence, however, I couldn’t really say no. I mean, “When in Rome” – “When in Florence”, it’s pretty much the same right?

DSC_7255 copy

A whopping 2kg of meat (1.5ish without the bone) it’s the perfect amount for two. I’m not even a red meat kind of girl, but this… this steak has changed the way I see food. Instead of fearing the dripping and stringy and fatty parts, I have decided to embrace the juicy deliciousness as a delicacy. If someone is going to charge 35 euros and serve this to me, it is probably okay and I should just enjoy it.

DSC_7257 copy

I’m not a vegetarian by any means, but I certainly don’t seek out meat every day. There’s something about a full belly of REALLY GOOD MEAT that gives me this powerful, carnivorous, yet peaceful feeling that brings me back to my primitive roots. It’s freeing and satisfying and I am really just writing this post to declare how much I love this steak. So if you’re ever in Florence, stop by La Fettunta and treat yourself because you are human and you deserve it.


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