ingresso gratis

DSC_7288 copyLast Sunday my boyfriend and I took a trip to the Boboli Gardens because he had never seen them. When we went up to get tickets we realized we had lucked out – the first Sunday of every month means all of the museums in Florence are free, so we walked through the galleries of Palazzo Pitti as well as the gardens.

DSC_7281 copyI hadn’t seen the galleries before and immediately my eyes were drawn into the intricate frescoes painted on the ceilings of each room, basically washing over the series of portraits that crowded the walls. I was especially impressed by the trick of the paint, making them seem to protrude as though they had been sculpted.

DSC_7290 copyI had my camera strung around my neck, as usual, and upon entering the first room, after just a few moments Peppe asked my why I wasn’t taking pictures. I was totally taken aback, because the thought hadn’t even crossed my mind. Why would I take pictures of a painting? I’m an artist but I will (cautiously) admit to not caring that much about art. If you can convince me to walk through a museum, I would rather stick my face right up against the frame to see the tiny strokes and evidence of the artist’s hands in order to take advantage of my proximity to the work. What’s the point of taking pictures of a painting??

I found myself very frustrated because now that this notion was in my mind. I seriously watched a girl walk into a room, hold her phone up to photograph a painting and promptly continue going on her way, without actually looking at the painting with her own eyes. I saw a man stand ten feet away in order to photograph a painting with his obnoxiously huge lens that you shouldn’t use unless you’re taking pictures of wild animals.

DSC_7292 copyIf you’re in the presence of great work in a museum, why stay behind a screen? You might as well just google it.

DSC_7295 copyI found myself way more interested in the architecture, the windows, the marbled door frames and the fact that people actually LIVED IN THIS PLACE.

Untitled_Panorama3A view from one of the Palace windows – you’ve gotta see this one full size.

DSC_7312 copyI can only take so much staring at paintings so I was eager to move on. Entering the gardens, I made friends with a local and seriously considered what I would give to live her life. This place is pretty much just for her, or so she thinks.
DSC_7318 copyDSC_7322 copyShe started to walk away, but I consider myself a bit of a cat whisperer, so I convinced her to come back and cuddle a little more. (Thank you Peppe for the blurry pictures)

DSC_7351 copy

We ran into my friend photographer friend, Erin, during our walk around and she snapped this one of us. Thanks Erin!!

DSC_7360 copy

DSC_7379 copyDSC_7410 copyPeppe took this one and said “It’s cool because I put you out of focus and the rest in focus” hahaha okay, let’s go with that. I actually like how it turned out.

DSC_7422 copyDSC_7417 copyThe Boboli Gardens have some really amazing views of the city, as well as lots of green space to relax – which you don’t find anywhere in the center.

Untitled_Panorama2DSC_7430 copy

And just for giggles – Peppe said Pegasus was one of his favorite mythical creatures (perhaps because people in the South of Italy eat horses and as a horsegirl this seriously makes me upset) he wanted a picture with statue, but insisted he be riding it. We managed to pull it off thanks to photoshop hahaha

DSC_7432 copy


6 thoughts on “ingresso gratis

  1. itsjessyoga says:

    I always feel that way when I go to an art museum too. The pictures never do it justice anyway, so what’s the point? I walked around a museum in Denver with my camera by my side the entire time. It wasn’t until I stepped back outside into the city when I felt like using up my precious film.

    Your pictures are lovely, and I’m glad someone else shares the same insight. Thanks for posting!


    • Marlene Lacasse says:

      Exactlyy, I think it just depends on how each person uses photography. But for me, that’s just not the point hahaha.

      Thanks so much, it means a lot to me! and I’m glad you’re enjoying. 🙂 Do you post your pictures anywhere?


    • Marlene Lacasse says:

      I’d love to see them! i requested access to your blog. I know your pain, by the way. It’s really strange for me to have this blog of all digital pictures because I primarily shoot film.


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