to market, to market

DSC_7531 copySundays have sort of fallen into place as designated adventure days.  A very packed and sweaty twenty-five minute tram ride took us to la fiera di Scandicci a few miles outside of Florence with some friends from Peppe’s work. I was overly agitated by the fare-dodging teenaged boys who stood behind me, hogging the handrail, complete with their zitty faces and shrill voices. Obnoxious teenage years are very clearly universal. All of my rant aside, leaving the city center was pretty refreshing.

There were so many people, plenty of snacks, endless shops and seriously the best dogs ever. Though I had no interest in buying anything or shopping whatsoever, big crowds mean unsuspecting subjects and plenty of cover for me. I quickly sank into my photo-mojo zone where everything becomes a picture and I can’t help myself so prepare yourself for a photo-heavy post.

DSC_7506 copy

DSC_7509 copy

DSC_7515 copyI’m not sure why, but this one is one of my favorites. From the hip, as well! I’m getting much better at this technique and it’s becoming a natural part of my photography process.

DSC_7530 copyMeet Luigi! Peppe’s brother moved to Florence this week from his home in Bari in hopes of finding a job here. He studied graphic design and used to be a DJ, harboring a passion for electronic music. We’re both more of the “romantic” type. He doesn’t speak much English, but we’ve been helping each other out a lot by exchanging conversations composed of both broken English and Italian. It’s definitely the best way to learn. Having an Italian boyfriend who speaks fluent English doesn’t help too much because he only ever speaks to me in English (and makes fun of my attempts at Italian whenever I try).

DSC_7536 copy

DSC_7544 copySo much walking and looking at things I couldn’t buy had me fiending for a beer, but finding one for the right price was another story. Here we had two glasses of vino bianco for only one euro. Non male!

DSC_7546 copy

DSC_7543 copy

DSC_7564 copy

DSC_7553 copy

DSC_7556 copy

DSC_7568 copyAnother favorite from the hip! I’m learning to shift perspective from my eyes to the lens in order to imagine what the camera is seeing.

DSC_7574 copy

DSC_7576 copy

DSC_7578 copy

DSC_7581 copy

DSC_7594 copy

DSC_7588 copy

DSC_7587 copy

DSC_7598 copyMaddalena and Adriana are super sweet and I adore them.

DSC_7603 copy

DSC_7611 copy

DSC_7623 copyI love me some Italian boys! By this point we were surviving off of samples of fried treats, peanut brittle, and roasted chestnuts. Starving and tired of walking, we unanimously agreed to head back to town for an apertivo.

DSC_7644 copy

DSC_7648 copyBack in Florence a storm was brewin’.

DSC_7653 copyTaking shelter from the rain under a shop window, we awaited the bus to deliver us to the endless buffet.

DSC_7659 copy

DSC_7664 copy

We ended up walking a few blocks after rejecting the second bus which actually could not physically squeeze more people onto it – and I thought the afternoon campus bus from Bursley was bad. Peppe and I immediately sucked down three plates from the buffet and, again, I had a flowery-based cocktail ~ Petalo with rose and vodka and orange. so so delicious. A Sunday stuffed with people watching, topped off with yummy food left me ready to start the week.


DSC_7519 copyDSC_7566 copy

DSC_7540 copy DSC_7524 copy DSC_7569 copy DSC_7591 copy


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