adrift in giovinazzo

Giovinazzo is a little port town, just down the coast a few minutes from Palese. We went one night to get lost in the light stone walls of tiny, twisting alleyways that were washed with yellow light. It was quiet underneath the full moon, we watched it reflected, glittering blue across the water. From our perch atop a dividing wall we noticed lights near the horizon, where it was hard to differentiate between sea and sky – stars or fishermen’s boats.

DSC_8417 copy
DSC_8412 copy

DSC_8420 copy

DSC_8422 copy

DSC_8438 copy

DSC_8442 copy
– – –

A street along the coastline links a few cities like Bari, Palese, and Giovinazzo. Just a bit further down is Molfetta, where we went the night before I left Italy. Peppe has a tattoo artist friend, so for my birthday he offered to get me the one I’ve been wanting since summer time.  I consider this one of the most formative and defining times in my life – these experiences have set the stage for what I hope to attain in my future. The image I selected is the giglio of Florence, you can find it literally everywhere there. You can take the girl out of Florence, but you can’t take Florence out of the girl. Thank you Arianna, Check out her work at Nocer Art Tattoo Facebook and if you find yourself in Molfetta, drop by their shop!


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